Mediation in Tacoma & Pierce County

Sound Mediations in Pierce County, WA is managed by an experienced attorney and mediator, Kevin Steinacker. Mediation is a setting where the parties negotiate a settlement with the help of an experienced attorney acting as a professional negotiator and neutral party to assists disputing parties to find a mutually satisfactory solution to their differences.

Using mediation to resolve your divorce, workplace, business, property and family issues can save you time and money. Kevin Steinacker of Sound Mediations can help you reach an agreement that both parties are satisfied with. We will mediate between parties in a divorce when at least one of the parties has been referred by an attorney.

Save time and money, and settle your disputes by reaching an equitable solution without the expense and risk of a trial.

What’s the difference between arbitration and mediation?

There are two common ways to resolve disputes outside the court system: mediation and arbitration.


During mediation, parties may argue over the interpretation of a contract or fair compensation for damage to property. The mediator works with them to forge an agreement. He does not impose a result or decide who is right, but rather helps the parties reach a compromise.


Arbitration is much more like a trial, where a neutral arbitrator listens to the arguments of both sides and then renders a decision. Arbitration is less formal than trial and procedural rules are usually not as strict as in a courtroom. In non-binding arbitration, the parties can reject the arbitrator’s decision, then move on to binding arbitration or trial. In binding arbitration, parties agree to abide by whatever the arbitrator decides and there is no appeal.

Our Experience

Kevin Steinacker has been practicing law in Tacoma, WA since 2004. He has 40 hours of formal mediation training and offers his services as a mediator to help parties resolve disputes outside of litigation.

As an attorney, Kevin’s practice focuses of business, real estate and probate law. He has assisted clients with business entity formation, trademarks, contract preparation, real estate transactions, estate administration, litigation and mediation.

Kevin has taught courses as an adjunct professor at Seattle University School of Law and presented at continuing legal education seminars for attorneys. He is a contributing author to the Washington Lawyer’s Practice Manual published by the King County Bar Association, and writes for the LexisNexis Practice Guide on real estate litigation in Washington.